“Multicultural Organization: Where employees of varied backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and experiences can contribute freely, and achieve their individual potentials for their own and their organization’s benefit.” (BusinessDictionary.com)

As I agonized, to find an example of a multicultural organization I thought about FedEx, Exxon, Toyota, McDonalds and the great successes they have had globally with establishment of international processes on manufacturing and achieving global brand-name recognition. I then, realized I was part of the biggest multicultural organization in the world, the United States Military (Army to be specific). The Military starts with a strategic plan designed by the Command Staff, then utilize defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) integrates these procedures across the entire organization to accomplish the objective.

Another example is my current employer, Bally Technologies a multicultural organization with offices in the US, India, France and Argentina just to name a few. We have a diverse team of employees and understanding all of the various cultural differences requires clear and concise Human Resource processes. While doing additional reading I came across an article from Hcareers.com where they outlined the five steps to maintaining a successful multicultural retention strategy.

  • Walk the talk.
  • Develop diversity-friendly programs and support initiatives.
  • Tap diverse candidates for leadership training and development.
  • Keep the lines of communication open.
  • Make your commitment to diversity a selling point.

I will not go in to detail on each bullet point, but when I examined this list, I found similarities to our existing corporate policies. We have international processes around manufacturing, shipping, and quality control that focus not only on processes but also on the cultural and legal impacts within each region. As with any multicultural organization, the need for well-defined processes is paramount to the successful integration of said processes.

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