The belief that “Everything Happens for a Reason” has never rang more true to me than of late.  Here is my story and once you have finished reading it feel free to offer another explanation.

In 1978, at the ripe old age of 8, I was reunited with my soul mate.  We attended the same schools and social functions for most of our childhood.  Although, we did not understand the attraction to each other since we were too young to realize what that meant, but at the age of 16, I mustered up the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend…she said Yes. Unfortunately, we dated for only a short time and then moved on to other relationships.  Now here is where the interesting part begins.  No one remembers why we separated.  None of our friends or family has any memory of the reason why we moved on, only that we did.  There was not a defining reason as is usually the case in teenage romances.

At 17, my girlfriend at the time became pregnant and on my 18th birthday, I began my marrying life.  Between the ages of 18 and 32, I was married and divorced 3 times. Although, I love the idea of being married, my relationships were never right.  My soul mate shares a similar experience however; she was destined to be in a single relationship full of pain and heartache for 12 years.

In the middle of 2002, I received an email from my soul mate asking me if I remembered her.  We were both in the process of dissolving our existing marriages and decided we would meet for dinner.  Seeing her was pure magic and the years apart vanished; in December of 2002, we were married.

It is now 2010 and shortly we will be celebrating our 8-year Anniversary as a married couple.  However, I believe we have been together far longer than that.  I believe that our souls have always been together and in 1986, Heavenly Father saw that we had reconnected on earth and decided that we needed some time apart too fully understand what being soul mates truly meant.  We needed to have trials in our lives; we needed to experience pain and heartache before understanding what true and everlasting love means. 

I know that everyone reading this will not have the same beliefs but I ask you this.  If you were currently with your one true soul mate, would you want to be with them forever and ever? 

To my soul-mate:  I love you so much and am so extremely grateful to have you in my life and as time passes it only further solidifies my believe that we are destined to be together for time and eternity.