As I started my day today I did not realize it was Veterans Day.  Strange that I would not remember since I myself am a Veteran – disabled at that.    My family history is full of Veterans, my Dad is a living 3-time Combat Veteran (WWII, Korea and Vietnam), I served during Panama (Just Cause) and Operation Desert Shield/Storm.  My brother and sister-in-law both served during round two of Iraq. 

Although, we have all either retired from service or opted to seek other opportunities in life, the bottom line is we served.  My family knows first hand that Freedom is not Free and that we served our country to the best of our abilities in an effort to guarantee that Freedom for ourselves and your family.

My family asks for nothing in return for this service and would gladly do it again if called upon.  I write this simply to say thanks to all “Families” that have served, are serving or will someday serve.