Personally, in IT having a true Work – Life Balance (WLB) ranks right up there with owning a unicorn; it is never going to happen. Why? It is simple, computers tell time they do not know time, so when a problem arises at 11pm on a Saturday night the computer did not realize you were sleeping or you are out on a date, the problem just happens and you need to be available to resolve it.

You must be willing to accept this as part of the profession or find another profession. Now don’t get me wrong, there are employers that will work you to death and when you finally speak up and say you need a break, look at you with utter distain; forgetting all the extra hours worked. In this case, my suggestion is to find another company or not, the choice is yours. If you choose this type of WLB make certain you can live with it because working yourself in to the ground is in your control not your employers.