Zoe BearToday, we said goodbye to a family member; Zoe Bear. Zoe was a little 6lbs apple-head Chihuahua born with a condition called hydrocephalus or water on the brain. When we first got her the vets told us that she would not live more than 1 year and that normally when this condition is discovered the default plan it to put them down. Shonda and I said no, and that as long as she was never in pain and had a good quality of life she would remain on this earth with a family that loved her; that was 3 years ago.

Zoe was special in so many ways. She would not let anyone but Shonda hold her for more than a minute without trying to bite your face off. She would bark at the bigger dogs as though to say to them, “Bring it…I can take you all on” and she would cuddle with you in bed for hours as long as you did not move since moving resulted in a bite. See what I mean by special but no matter what she was loved.

I knew something was wrong last night when she was stumbling around like she was drunk and then I really knew something was wrong when she let me hold her for over two hours. She was scared and as I tried calming her down I reminded her how much we love her and that everything would be ok.

This morning as the vet examined her I knew what the answer was going to be and I greatly appreciated the way he tried to give me other options but I knew what the right answer was for Zoe. Her quality of live had deteriorated and so it was time for her sleep.

Rest in Peace Zoe Bear! You brought much love, joy and happiness to our family and we will always love and remember you.