Sharpening the Saw

As a Technical Professional keeping my technical prowess is a must if I am going to compete in today’s job market.   Like most people with a family and a full-time job finding time to break-away and go do training can be difficult but as I am fortunate to have an understanding family and an employer with a tuition reimbursement program the “finding time” is now up to me.

Over the last few weeks I have practiced what I preach and attended several Microsoft Official Curriculum  courses; Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.   These classes provided me the technical skills upgrade that benefits not only myself but my employer as we continue upgrading our Corporate Infrastructure.

Technical Skills are not the only skills that need to be constantly addressed; Soft Skills are as important but normally the most neglected.  IMO, the mark of a well rounded Manager is having the appropriate balance between Technical and Soft skills which sometimes can be hard to find…that is the topic of another post. :-)

Soft skills are essentially people skills — the non-technical, intangible, personality-specific skills that determine your strengths as a leader, listener, negotiator, and conflict mediator.


Why go back to school for a MBA?


Money:  Money is probably the first thing that comes to mind as a reason to become more educated.  Sadly, in today’s economic situation money is the least likely reward for obtaining a graduate degree.

So if money is not the reason then what is?

Promotion: Receiving a promotion at work might be a good reason; if one is even available.  However, most  companies will not give you a promotion simply because you have earned a MBA.

So if more money or a promotion is not the reason to go back to school, then what is?

Personal Goals:  Bingo!  This is my primary reason for going back to school for a MBA.   After much internal debate I decided that obtaining a MBA with a concentration on Information Technology Management would give me the necessary skills to fulfill my Personal Goals, which I will detail at a later time. 

Under Construction

Welcome to my BLOG!

I am  finalizing the configuration and should be ready to start posting my thoughts shortly.   At first I suspect my thoughts will be random but I am hopeful a structure will emerge.

Stay Tuned!

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